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Thread: -Buy/Sell/Trade Policy- Read Me

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    -Buy/Sell/Trade Policy- Read Me

    Selling or Trading
    1. This forum is only used as a way to connect buyers with sellers. Flat4LV cannot be held responsible for the buyers, sellers, or how transactions are handled. We provide the guidelines for acceptable trade on our medium. Don't like it, go elsewhere.

    2. The private sales trading post is NOT for commercial sales.

    3. At the time of posting you MUST include:
    Proper title: WTS-Want to sell / WTT-Want to trade / WTB-Want to buy, and brief description of item(s)
    Price of the item(s) you want to sell or trade, or list it as "BEST OFFER" (obo)

    4. "I'll take it" means you will pay the posted or negotiated price for said item. This doesn't need to be posted in thread. This can be via PM or in person, but posting in thread will also let others know of your interest to purchase.

    5. The seller can respond with "SPF" or sale pending funds.

    6. After an item is sold or traded, please mark it SOLD or TRADED and lock your own thread.

    7. The seller has the right to refuse sale. Please use discretion if/when doing this.

    8. If a sale or trade falls through contact an admin or mod to have the WTS/WTT thread re-opened.

    9. Please limit your threads to 2 at a time. Multiple items may be offered for sale in the same thread.

    10. All sales and trades are to be conducted according to local, state & federal law. It is YOUR responsibility to know the laws.

    11. Cross-posting of item(s) on other forums is allowed, but you must say so in your ad (“cross-posted on other forums”). If sold on another forum, mark is SOLD here immediately.

    12. Straw purchasing = instant ban. Anything perceived to be straw purchase will result in a ban as well.

    13. Do not sell anything illegal. Such actions will result in an instant ban.

    14. WTS/WTB threads inactive for 45 days or more will be deleted or locked

    1. Members who seek to derail, interfere or degrade ("THREAD CRAPPING") another members WTS/WTB thread will lose their buy/sell privileges indefinitely and may be subject to infraction points. Repeated offenders will be banned.

    2. If you do not feel the price is appropriate or the product offered is sub-par, keep it to yourself. Let the buyer decide and the seller respond in kind. Do not try and negatively influence a sale.

    3. Bumping (“Bump” or “BTT”) is allowed, but with moderation. More than 1 bump per day will cause your listing to be removed.

    Flat4LV, its owner, moderators and other peers cannot be held responsible for ANY transaction that occurs as a result of using this forum. Problem with the sale/deal/trade? Dispute? You’re on your own. Buyer and seller are to resolve the issue(s) via PM. Feel free to leave a review of a sale good or bad, but hashing it out in public (including chat room or WTS/WTT) will result in loss of buy/sell privileges or banning.
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