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Thread: Weekly Saturdays @Cars and Coffee

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    Pleiades Scholar Flat 4 Ninja sarge's Avatar
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    I'm sure Russ will be out in full force in early November.
    '06 STi
    '79 BRAT
    '15 F-150

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltron View Post
    Great photos, Drift King!
    Do you have any more photos of recent attendees from the Flat4 group? I'm new to the area, so I'm looking forward to getting over to the meet with my 04 JBP to meet some of you local guys. Thanks!
    (p.s. Facebook page liked! Great pictures there, too!)
    My schedule changed so I haven't been to C&C in a few months... That, and it's been hot as hell! Go back to having my old days off in October. Thanks for the compliment!!! =)

    Quote Originally Posted by sarge View Post
    I'm sure Russ will be out in full force in early November.
    Hope to have you join me brother!

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    I might consider going this Saturday. It's staying "cooler" in the AM but still dang hot in direct sunlight.


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