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Thread: Body Shop Thread

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    Body Shop Thread

    Since there is always people asking where to go. Just post up here where you go and why. I am going to sticky this to make it easier for everyone to find.

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    I can tell people where NOT to go based off my experience.
    Dun-Rite auto body on Polaris.

    I took my bugeye there back in 05 after I was hit in a driveway and had damage to the drivers side rear quarter. The shop was supposed to cut out and replace the entire panel, instead they decided to cut corners and try to pull the dent and goop a shitload of bondo in there instead. The result was several years later, every repair they did on the car has failed. The clear coat started flaking off after two years, a couple years later the bondo stared to crack leaving my car looking like shit. They also ripped me off for $170 bumper that was supposed to be replaced as well, turns out they took my money and just repaired the bumper which failed as well, spiderwebbing, cracking and bubbling clearcoat.

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    that's your problem.

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