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Thread: Got my dent fixed. = winning

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    Damn looks perfect! Great price
    I'm gonna shove that turbo up your ass so you can spool more shit as you speak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImageoftheInvisible View Post
    Is he still around? I tried calling him several times, but I get his voice mail. I have a small ding on my door that's viewable at a certain angle, but you have to remove the door panel to massage it out. Do they have a location, because I even tried visiting them and that place looks abandoned.
    I haven't had to call him back so I would think he would still be in business , His website :

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    Quote Originally Posted by MELLO View Post
    Dent guys
    (702) 429-9661
    His name is Steve.
    Thanks for the info! I will be calling for some repairs on my cars...😃
    Subaru enthusiast with an admiration of Legacy's, and Wagons!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by playgrndkid View Post
    Thanks for the info! I will be calling for some repairs on my cars...��

    you wont be unhappy...


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