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    i know i know not subaru but need help, my lil cusins 2g eclipse has been dangerous to ride in , hes always had this giant clunking in the back, and had alot of ppl look at his car, and they didnt know what it was... last night after being in a car mood, cuz we went to junkyard and scored big stuff for him and me, he got his side mirrors, and i got my SVX non-abs 1 15/16 master cylinder... but yeah being in car mood i went and tried to fix his car, it turns out the previous owner didnt put one of the nuts back on the rear strut tower mounts so it was missing a nut so u know how that is make a right turn clunk clunk pow bang scrarry, so today we gonna look for that nut.. but the real question here is where can i get stock springs for a 99 eclipse? hes got ebiach <---- lol spelling and they make his car so damn low, but iono where to start.. its just springs, what else do they call those damn things... and where can i get em?

    i appologize in advance about the non subaru.. but hey i got my new master cylinder and now i can finish my rear brake swap to have wrx all around woot and way better stopping power, while on the subject... anyone have 06 wrx and down springs/struts/shocks (wagon better) set laying around for super cheap or for labor or for computer work or for a friend to hangout with for a day for my car, they will fit my leggy better if they are from wagon.. im so off topic again sorry, i just need help thank in advance...

    chris reyes

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    I'm a Dsmer myself. Go to Utah forum. I'm sure people with have springs for u and might even ship them with paypal or you can just got to rock


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