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Thread: My MCC Motorsports review

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    My MCC Motorsports review

    So this isn't really just a review of mccmotorsports but more of the owner and his operations on a whole. So early on when zenkia was here I have spoken with mike on different modifications and just soaked up his wealth of knowledge with Subaru's when I first got mine. He is very knowledgeable and VERY passionate about cars and his customers. I did have an problem were I purchased a light bar from him and I wanted to be sure of the mounting location. So we walked outside and he laid underneath my car and assured me of where it went. Later on when I got home I discovered the mounting point was not there as my car was different and didn't have a certain bracket that went underneath that the light bar went to. Feeling a bit angry and disappointed that I even had an expert look underneath and not get the mounting locations correct I went back to Subaru and talked to mike. He thoroughly apologized and since the sale was final I didn't argue and asked if there was anything I can do with the light bar. He took it into the shop and mounted it in a completely different place but it still looked nice and worked fine. Then another situation that happened was about 5 months ago I was going to get some sparco seats and called mike ahead of time if there was a bracket of some sort I could get to lift them up incase the one it came with was a little too low. He assured me that he knew of a setup with a recaro bracket and sparco rails. Thanking him for the info I got the seats and they were very low to the floor so I went to suabru and talked to mike about it. He sold me some sparco rails and he made me order a recaro bracket right from corsport myself. I even put my phone directly in his face and asked that if the bracket would work with the mounting points of my car and with the rails. He assured me that the setup would work and fit fine together. I ordered the bracket and when I received it I went to put it all together but unfortunately the rails would in no way at all would work with the bracket at all. Feeling very pissed off like he was just using me to get rid of his sparco rails I just fabbed up some spacers to lift up the seats myself and went to Subaru demanding for a refund for the rails and for mike to contact corsport and get me a refund for the bracket. Mike thoroughly apologized and assured me that he would get corsport to refund me( corsport would not reply to me at all so that's why I asked mike) then he refunded the sparco rails. Then after a few months of mike calling, emailing, and contacting corsport with no reply I told mike I am going to be ordering some feal coilovers so with him being a dealer for them now he took the difference of the bracket out of the price of the coilovers as a refund. So basically mike knows his stuff and he will do everything he can for you if he doesn't get it right. I highly recommend his new company and wish him the best and I thank you very very much mike for helping me out with everything.

    In short mike has a wealth of knowledge and he will do his best to make you a satisfied customer and if something goes wrong he will do his best to set it right.

    And I apologize for any typos or errors. I don't feel like proofreading
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    mikes the man, he never steered me wrong.

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    Duh... Tell us something that we don't know. My boy Mike is the man. Great job bro.
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    Thanks everyone! We appreciate all of the support!!


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