I started my journey with MCC about a year ago now when I blew my motor. From the start Mike nd his crew have been nothing but helpful and giving me any and all options I could ever need for my car. Once we got down to reality with my build they have been great with the decision making process and helping me decide exactly how I want to build my engine, whether you want your car built for street, track, daily driving, rally, or off-roading dont be afraid to ask them what they can do for you. Now once I finally made the decision on what route I wanted to take my engine MCC had a quote to me within hours with every part I needed, after I double checked everything I made a quick payment and my parts were on order. Parts started arriving a few days later. Once the assembly commenced we ran into a few snags with not all the parts being shipped, a quick call to Mike and things were rolling again, he even threw in a next day shipment to get the parts there.

Everybody always worries about pricing, so here you guys go. Even for a relatively young company, MCC is very competative if not able to beat pricing elsewhere (I did have one thing quoted super high but it ended up being a fat finger with the keyboard). The greatest thing for us on Flat4 is MCC is local, any issues you may have you can show them in person or deal with them directly.

While MCC does not tune the beasts they assemble I feel this next part is very relevant to the review. During my road tune the tuner said this was the smoothest hybrid swap he had ever tuned. To me that says a lot for the quality of parts that went into the motor, not to detract from Uehara that assembled the motor.

All in all my experience with MCC has been great! So if you have to spend your money, spend it with MCC.

Now for pictures of my parts list to give you guys an idea of the kinds of things MCC can get their hands on.