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Thread: 15' STi Tune

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    Ive had my LE since June, list of mods to follow:
    COBB V3
    DW65C Pump
    Invidia Dp
    Invidia Q300
    COBB 1000CC injectors
    Perrin CAI
    Wrapped DP
    Perrin Turbo Blanket and heat shield
    Innovate LC2 Wideband
    Burnt my stock clutch already and hopefully replacing it with a ACT HDSS and ACT lightweight flywheel.
    Jamaal and Dominic have done all work on my car
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddudley543 View Post
    Wow, how are you getting an LE this late?
    Spent almost two months looking for a used one. Finally found one in FL with 3200 miles. The others I found had more mileage and asking 40k+. I did find one in PA but the owner didn't garage his STi and also the interior was very dirty..almost as if he lived out of the car. Anyways the car should be here in like 2 weeks since it takes 7-10 days for them to transport the car across the country. A big plus is that it has RA mudflaps and ceramic tint, which are the two things I planned on installing.

    I've been looking at the Corsa 2015 exhaust and I really like it. Also looking to add an intake and of course a tune.

    How many miles on your LE ddudley?
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    Sitting at 14k on chassis and 2k on engine now.

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    dont forget to get a downpipe


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