2004 Subaru WRX Wagon. Stage 2, AP with ACN91 stage2 map.

Today i swapped out my old plastic intercooler Y pipe to one of those new fancy silicone y-pipe getups. I had a tear on the turbo side of the OEM plastic Y-pipe and it was leaking some boost/vacuum. The silicone replacement fixed the leak, but after i put everything back together, i turned on the car to find i've got the dreaded p1491 Positive Crank Ventilation (blow-by) code. So far as i can tell, everything is connected up properly. I will likely do a closer inspection tomorrow to make sure there's nothing behind the intercooler that is loose.

Here's what i've been able to tell from my internet searches so far:

1) The code is bullshit, and there's just a bad connection on a "sensor" that's not really a sensor. It Looks like it's connected fine to me. Not sure i want to bypass the sensor because i also read that..

2) It's not a bullshit code, and if there is actually a problem with the PCV, the car will lean out and crack a piston, which i don't want.

So.. Anyone have any experience with this code? Is there a way to tell if there's a legitimate problem with the PCV or if it's just the sensor? The car seems to be running fine, though i don't want to do too much driving on it.. i need the car to be operational for work and all. The PCV itself is cheap, but there seems to be some confusion online as to what the part is. I checked autozone and they pointed me to a part that i am 99% sure is the wrong.