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Thread: Riding on rails! Anyone know of good replacement strut/coilvers for 2005 sti

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    Riding on rails! Anyone know of good replacement strut/coilvers for 2005 sti

    Hey guys, I'm riding on rails. Looking for some good replacement struts or coilovers, preferably the smoother riding the better, for my 05 sti. I've been having difficulties finding up to date information on recommendations.
    I bought the car when I was in my 20's, thirty two now and looking for a smoother ride due to back problems. I figured this would be the best place to ask, also does anyone know of place I can get them installed at.
    $1,000-$2,000 budget for struts.


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    #mcc_motorsports would be able to provide some good answers with pricing, if you're looking to buy new. shoot them an email.

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    Hey Steve. Nobody reads these forums, but if you're still in the market and happen to see this post I'd advise something with adjustable dampening so you can tune just how tight you want the car's suspension to feel. I feel you man, I just upgraded my life out of the kidney bursting low riders.
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