Okay so I picked up a stock 2009 wrx hatch from an insurance company after it was in a accident.

The car started fine when I got it

I installed a Tomei header, Process west intercooler, down pipe, got a new battery, new mishi radiator, mishi thermostat, grimmsped crank pulley, air pump delete.

While I was installing these parts the car sat in my garage for two months with no battery connected to it.

The car is going to be a dedicated track car so I have deleted some stuff like A/c, turn signals, head light switch, clock spring, airbags, heater core blower, radio, speakers.

Some Symptoms:
-The car will not prime the fuel pump or crank
-The fuel pump relay will not make that clicking sound when key is tuned
-When ACC is on the coolant temp gauge settles on the hottest setting instead of the coldest
-The OBD port is not working, I can not connect a access port or scan tool
-The Check engine light will not illuminate at all even when accessory is on
-The security light is always flashing (I took out the keyless remote entry module but put it back in but that had no change on my problem)

What I have tested so far:
-I'm getting power to OBD port
-I'm getting power to the panel that houses the fuel pump relay
-I went to see if I could crank the engine with a screw driver attached to the two prongs on the starter, it sparked and spun freely without engaging the flywheel and cranking over.. Just spun.
-All fuses related to IGN, starter, fuel, and cigar lighter have been tested with a light up prober and all have a complete current.
-Tested the two ground straps on the passenger and driver side and they are making a complete current. (After installing the Tomei header I had to re ground the passenger side ground to the engine head.)

I suck at diagnosing problems but if I had to guess I would say my ECU is fried? I just don't see how after it started no problem before I installed these parts and now it won't start.

I'm lost in the sauce here guys.